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Feb. 22nd, 2015 | 09:45 pm

His Boys
Mitch knew better then to talk to strangers, let alone accept drinks from them, but this wasn't a stranger, it was Richard Carter - the famous, gorgeous, action movie star - and he was smiling down at him with those beautiful blue eyes and a cocky grin and, really, one drink couldn't hurt anything, right? (Warnings for underage sex and rape. This is a disturbing story. It's graphic and violent and wrong in so, so many ways and it doesn't end well, because these things rarely do.)

The Misadventures of Peter-Hand and the Lust Boys
A pornographic parody of Hook. That’s right. A pornographic. Parody. Of Hook. With the help of Tinkerboy and the Lust Boys, 26-year-old professor Peter Humphries must get his memories back to save his not-son Charles from the evil Captain Hooker... assuming, of course, this all isn't a bad dream or he's completely round the bend. Featuring: Peter-Hand; Rufi-Ho; Tinkerboy; the twins, Spits and Swallows; Spank-Me; Captain Hooker; and many more. (Warning for my particular brand of humor, which I do hope you enjoy, but still.)

A Demon Named John
Azazel knows that Sammy’s his boy, he’s never been more sure of anything. So when John starts hunting, he decides to take matters into his own hands and sends someone to watch the boys. Make sure they grow up the way he wants them to. (Wincest (eventually), graphic depictions of violence, manipulation)

Incestuous Cross-country Shenanigans (Series)
Companion pieces to The Funnies - The Funnies are a series of episodic script play that I do for every episode, wherein everyone is having sex with everyone else, especially Dean. The companion pieces work in and around the series and answer many compelling questions. Such as, what the hell did happen with Frank the Goat and what exactly does the Great Wendigo Hunt of 1995 have to do with anything? (multiple convoluted pairings)
--The Funnies - Episodic script play. The little things my deviant brain hears with every episode, mostly because I watched way too much MST3K as a child. (everyone/everyone, John Winchester/Jim's goat and Dean Winchester/Jim's goat implied)
--The Conspiracy of Frank - Companion piece to The Funnies in which we find out exactly what happened with Jim’s goat Frank, meet one of John’s transvestite hookers, and Dean wears lime green hot pants for the greater good.
--Windows and Souls - Castiel won’t stop staring, Sam’s just about had enough of everything, and Dean is completely oblivious, but then what else is new? Set during Season 4 (Dean/Sam; Castiel/Sam)
--It's All Fun and Games Until... - Okay, so fine, Dean may have stepped a pinky toe over of line with the shower thing, but Sam took a flying leap into no-man’s land and that wasn’t even the worst part. (Wincest, underage)
--The Great Wendigo Hunt of 1995 - “Hey, Krissy, you want to hear about the Great Wendigo Hunt of 1995?” (minor het)

All We Have (Series)
AU. Dad's disappeared and young Dean is left with no money and no way to take care of his Sammy - so he does what he has to for the money they need. When Sam is taken by vampires, Dean finally asks for help. He and Sam end up living at the Roadhouse (and sharing a bed). But now Dean has secrets he doesn't want to share and, when Dad does show back up again, a lot of pent-up anger. (summary courtesy of xcziel) (overall Wincest)
--What We Have To - John disappeared when Dean was 15, leaving him to take care of Sam. (Dean/multiple OMC, warnings for rape and underage prostitution)
--Learning Curve - Dean and Sam adjust to living at the Roadhouse. (Dean/Jo)
--Observations - Snippets of the boys growing up at the Roadhouse. (Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC)
--The Scent - The boys' past catches up to them. (Wincest)
--Full Circle - John disappeared when Dean was 15, leaving him to take care of Sammy. Eleven years later, he comes back. (Wincest)
--Promises - Dean and Sam have agreed to let John hunt with them, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. (Wincest, Dean/OFC, warning for rape)
--About Time - Ellen knows more than Dean gives her credit for. (Wincest)
--October in Red Lodge - Vampires. Why the hell did it have to be vampires? (Otherwise known as: Bloodlust 2.0) (Wincest)
--Fate, God, and Karma - The Winchester family name is on the line. A light bit of fluff before we get back to the angst. (John/Ellen)
--Safety Net - Sam is dead and Dean is not okay. (Wincest)
--Coming Home - Sam had said ‘find a home.’ He’d said to find somewhere Dean ‘belonged.’ The Roadhouse was the closest he’d ever come to that and it was gone. Just like Sam. Set between Seasons 5 and 6. (Dean/OMC, Wincest)
--Flipside - Sammy doesn’t just smell like a hamburger and he sure as hell doesn’t smell onions. Set in and around S06E05: Live Free or Twihard. (Wincest)
--Hang On For the Ride - Without that pesky soul, Sam’s got nothing standing in the way of satisfying his curiosity. Except maybe Dean, but he can handle Dean. (Wincest)

Just an excuse to defile the Metallicar, really. Although, the hot boy sex came in as a close second. (Wincest)

Teen Wolf episodic script play. The little things my deviant brain hears with every episode, mostly because I watched way too much MST3K as a child. Due to the nature of this, there are most assuredly spoilers. (everyone is having sex with everyone)

The Not So Secret Identity of Oliver Queen
Is there anyone left in Starling City who doesn't know Oliver Queen's secret identity? (Similar to the episodic wordplay I've done for Supernatural and Teen Wolf without it being episode specific. Set towards the end of Season 2. (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle, Roy/Thea)

After All
Dumbledore decides that he’s had enough of the Dursley’s abuse and brings Harry to Hogwarts at age eight. (For clarification: HP/DM is the main pairing, HP/LM is noncon, HP/SS is implied, but not explicit. I don't warn for everything, as I personally don't read something expecting to know everything that's going to happen, nor do I want to. Life is about surprises, for better or worse. Read at your own risk.)

Those Freaky Malfoys
Draco just wants his father to see what he sees. (Draco/Harry; Multiple, convoluted pairings)

Choices Made
Harry made his choice. (Harry/Voldemort; Harry/Fenrir; Harry/Lucius; warnings for rape)

Chronicles of the Babb
This is a small collection of humor fic-lettes inspired by bad summaries/excerpts taken from babbchronicles. (Multiple pairings)

He Defines Me
Rather than kill him, Voldemort hid Harry's existence from the world and raised him as a pet. Fourteen years later, Harry's rescued. (Harry/Voldemort; Harry/Draco; Harry/Snape; Harry/Lucius; warnings for rape and underage)

As Promised
Snape promised Dumbledore. Spoilers for HBP. (Harry/Snape)

One Night
Draco can have only one heir. What will he do when a one night stand leaves Harry pregnant with his child? (Harry/Draco; Harry/Snape)

Call It Love
Lucius has finally gotten his hands on his five year obsession. (Harry/Lucius, warnings for rape and MPreg)

Twisted Little Happy
Now that he finally has Severus, nothing will stop Harry from keeping him. Nothing. (Harry/Snape)

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